What does early retirement or financial freedom mean to you

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April 9, 2015 by siteinprogress

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I am often asked about my future plans after retirement. Some of the questions I get are:

1. Your too young

A. That’s the best time to escape

2. Why would you want to quit your job

A. So I can live life on my own terms and do the things I enjoy doing when I want to do them. I love to have the free time to volunteer and help my community, travel and mentor

3. You must be rich

A. Everyone goals are different find your purpose budget for your purpose and live comfortably

5. If you work your not retired

A. Well what does retirement mean too you? Would you rather see me sitting on my couch watching TV or in a nursing home. I can get paid to do what I love/enjoy however the ability to work when I want, where I want is my definition of freedom. I don’t have to select 1career for the rest of my life. I can enjoy writing one day, speaking engagements another day, investing, teaching, or any other activity I want to pursue if I am paid that is sweet however; if I am not that’s ok as well.


Please share the questions or response you get when someone ask you about early retirement or financial freedom.




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