The Philanthropist Escapee

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Some of the common traits we as early escapee share is our mission to create, give and produce. Escapees are not satisfied with just retiring young and early to sip daiquiris on a beach. Although one of the benefits of buying back our life and time will include having a bit of fun, leisure time and the much needed R&R. However; for many escapee lounging around is not even remotely close to being on our list. Many escapee seek freedom so they can produce, create and give back to our society. The primary goal of The Philanthropist Escapee is to create jobs for our society. This is achieve by being an entrepreneur starting a company and growing it to a point you can hire others and create jobs in your community. The Creative escapee is very similar although this person goals is not to start a business in the traditional sense but may offer creative services and products to sell to others. Think of this person like and artist, musician, web developer, consultants, just someone who wants to spend their time creating things but may not be profit related. Giving is another trait we share leaving our traditional jobs and giving the positions to the next generation in line. Helping them evolve and develop in their roles. We mentor, encourage and assist either in time or monetary assistance. The Philanthropist Escapee seeks more meaningful ways to use their time. What are some of the ways you are going to use your free time when you escape please share below.



  • Reduce homelessness
  • Global Warming issues
  • Mentor our youth
  • Save wildlife
  • Assist our veterans
  • Help combat drugs or other addictions
  • Build schools in poverty countries
  • Provide clean water for poverty countries
  • Spiritual teaching and healing
  • Develop a cure for a common disease
  • Animal Right



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